Lead Generation Solution

5G SMS Marketing


Adapted from our branch in the UK, 5G SMS is the latest in SMS marketing innovation. Recognized by more healthcare institutions in the UK as an effective way to communicate and take care of patients online. The 5G SMS is the usual SMS message received, with a short URL to a landing page of the hospital or the clinic. Once it is clicked, this landing page is integrated with our 5G SMS dashboard. In the dashboard, it will allow you to view the recipient’s activities on the landing page. Discover what page or content they are viewing, what elements on the page are they clicking, and, the fields on the forms they are filling up. And most of all, an online chat platform that allows you to chat with the patient in real-time and offer help. The dashboard will generate a report on how many page views, the most viewed page, and the most used element on the landing page. As well as what are the least performing pages or content. These insights will help the marketing team make calculated decisions. And improve their marketing strategy on what content to improve and what should be highlighted. View the demo video below to know more about how it works or book a free one-hour consultation.

Bulk SMS

A bulk SMS campaign is the fastest broadcast advertising as messages can reach your customers in a few minutes. Thus, the response is very quick. LGS can provide the lowest rate per shot on promotional SMS.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is a type of SMS that was sent by the company to its existing customer regarding valuable and private information about their transactions, products or service purchased, and or company processes. It is not a marketing or promotional SMS.
Examples of Transactional SMS:

  • Medical appointment confirmations
  • Delivery tracking and monitoring
  • Products or services that bought
  • Verification and authorisation codes
  • Customer transactions and procedure updates